Blood and Silk
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Shulé is the capital of the Kushan empire and guards the Torugart pass. The city has grown its wealth of the caravans along the silk road on the only pass through the Kunlunsjan and Tiensjan mountain ranges. The city is an oasis that borders the Taklamankan desert. The desert is also called ‘the Sea of Death’ as its name is translated from ancient tongue: ‘you can get into it but can never get out’.
The city is an oasis, at least the royal castle is and during rain season. During the dry season the city relies on the cisterns filled during the rain season to survive.
Shulé is renowned for its academies of various arts, sciences and Metaphysics. The wealth of comes from the mines to the north and the trade along the silk road. But because of the climate, the city is depended on the grain and rice fields of Ifayra past the Torugart Passes. Shulé is a city of intrigue and wealth. You either trive by your family and connections… or you starve because of them.


The king of Kushan is in mourning. His son, prince Hádad was murdered together with his wife to be: Princes Chichi, the only daughter of the Ifayra empire. This crime can’t go unpunished or war between Ifayra and the Kushan kingdom will soon follow. The staff is under suspicion, especially the new arrivals. Whoever is found guilty will be executed… or worse.


Marjolein: the curious errand girl
Cleo: the Devoted court doctor
Martijn: toyboy of the royal prince
Aaron: the envious sorcerer's apprentice