City of Shulé

Shulé is the capital of the Kushan empire and guards the Torugart pass. The city has grown its wealth of the caravans along the silk road on the only pass thru the Kunlunsjan and Tiensjan mountain ranges. The city is an oasis that borders the Taklamankan desert.

Tourist facts

  • Coffee is a highly priced stimulant that has addictive qualities. Some noblemen swear they can not start a day without it.

The royal Palace

  • There is a fountain outside the crown prince's bedroom to prevent people form eve's dropping on what happens in the royal chambers. the fountain was broken by an escape attempt of Zahir, the harem slave.

The oasis

The royal kitchen

Common room

Secret passages

The Ivory Tower

The Hospital

The Bathhouse

The Academies

The Bazar of Shulé

Kingdom of Ifayra

The kingdom of Ifayra lays past the Torugart Pass beyond the Tiensjan mountains and it is the source of grain and rice for Shulé.

Tourist facts

The Desert of Taklamakan

The desert is also called ‘the Sea of Death’ as its name is translated from ancient tongue: ‘you can get into it but can never get out’.

Tourist facts

The desert is home to the infamous band of cutthroats and assassins: The Shadows of Dust and Sand.

The mines of Tiensjan

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