Mušrif Sidu, Master of servants

Sidu is the steward of the house and oversees day to day activities. He enjoys his power and is cruel to his underlings.

Jiri, The cook's apprentice

He is the friend of Salikah
"Betcha an extra carrot that you can't get me introduced to her."

Jiri always has one hand waving and the other stirring in a pot. If he'd ran an inn, people would remember two things: his cooking, and his endless talking. He probably thinks I'm okay, and he certainly believes I'm a nutcase. But I think he says that about everyone below his ranking, right?

Lady Oda, Wronged lady in waiting

"That comb you broke belonged to my mother."

Ever since I broke her ivory comb (which was accidental, I swear) lady Oda states I owe her one, and uses it as an excuse to boss me around or she'll tattle on me. Lady Oda is really pretty, but when she talks to me I don't like her one bit.

Seyd, The court librarian

He became a friend of Khayrah. He adores her work and is in awe of Khayah's intellect.

Rava, mischievous Djinn

Rava's Stats
Half-sister of Zahir.


Mushrae Vyasa, resentful teacher,

He wanted the perfect student but he got Sanjiva instead.

Kota, Dean of the Academy of Metafysics.

She has high hopes for Sanjiva as a student with his new master.