Act I: Murder most foul....

Session conflict

  • Zahir is at the murderscene and things look bad.
  • Sanjiva, Khayrah, Salikah try to find out what is going on.


  • Prologue: Whispers in dreams
  • Salikah and Khayrah wakes up
  • Zahir wakes up under the bed of the prince
  • Sanjiva is summond to investigate the crime scene


The scene is clear…. prince Hadad and his fiancĂ© are dead. The morning servant walked in to find them spilled over the floor together with the body of a harem slave. But when mushrae Vyasa and his apprentice came to investigate, one of the bodies disappeared! Death came unnatural and is still under investigation by the mushrae and his student while the Castle is searched for intruders.

Meanwhile Zahir is try to make sense of it all… he knows if he is caught, he will burn. Already he is linked to the scene, his cloths are there, while escaping the room he hurt himself when he accidentally destroyed the fountain by the window.

Sanjiva is trying to make sense of it all as he makes detailed account of the events and murder scene… but he needs more proof before he can make a case and prove his worth to his master, who is very hard to please.

Salikah and Khayrah try to figure out why the harem slave is so attracted to Salikah and calling her mother. He has something to do with the murder, but they have not yet put their finger on what.

Sidu, the master of servants is sure there is something fishy going on under his watchful eye. but until now it is eluding him. but he is keen on keeping his attention to the newcomers…they are up to something.

Mushrae Vyasa is not pleased with his students progress. he should have had enough time to finish his report of the scene, but his account was basic, lacked detail and most of all… there is no mention of the the third body!